Our Philosophy

We believe that all children have the right to be engrossed in high quality care and education. Our goal is to facilitate each child’s optimal social, intellectual and physical development and education in partnership with parents and carers. Children must feel safe and secure in their environment to enable them to learn and grow. Educators must work together to observe, interpret, collect and evaluate information about each child which leads to daily plans and learning experiences. These experiences build on and extend the children’s learning and development enabling them to grow into happy, healthy and confident individuals. The gathering of information, implementation and evaluation is an ongoing process and guides the child as they develop.

About Us

As a family owned company, Alphabeta grew from a single service provider of Long Daycare, to a multi service provider including before and after school care, crèche services, family daycare, in home care providing specialist consulting services to organisations regarding childrens services. ABMS has more than 25 years of experience in operating both Early Childhood (0-5) and Childrens Services (5-18) and specialises in education and early intervention for children aged 0-18 years. Our educational, development and enrichment services offer convenience, reliability and ease of access. At Alphabeta we believe that play is a fundamental right of each child and through opportunities to explore, challenge, and experiment, children are at their highest potential to grow into the confident individuals that they aspire to be.

Meet the Team