“We reflect the belief that each individual is created in God’s image and is equal before God and worthy of the highest respect.” 

Educators’ practices and the relationships they form with children and families have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning. Children thrive when families and Educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning. Children’s early learning influences their life chances. 

  • OOSH– We strongly encourage communication between families and educators to ensure continuity in what we are delivering to your child and acknowledge that the role of the Educator is to work in partnership with families; children’s first and most influential educators.

  • Long Day Care – Our vacation care programs are fun, exciting and varied. We want children to enjoy it so much that they want to keep coming back for more! Activities are tailored to the children’s interests at each service and include a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities, incursions and excursions.

  • Preparatory School – We are committed to providing a developmental and educational program, which will be centred on Spiritual Principles and a Biblical Framework whilst catering for each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests. Our program will continue to develop as we use the relationships children have with their families and communities, working in partnership with parents, to ensure each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our programs.

  • Early Intervention – We work with our affiliated organisation CEADA (Community Enrichment and Development Association) to provide a range of intervention programs and services. CEADA Ltd is a not for profit organisation that focuses on benevolent relief for children and their families experiencing financial hardship.

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