Enrolment Form

Enrolments for 2018 will commence mid-way through Term 3 2017. To receive your 2018 enrolment package please email supervisor@alphabeta.com.au.  

Please click here to download a current enrolment form for CEADA Wentworthville OOSH or Michaelian Lane Cove OOSH. By completing the enrolment form, it does not guarantee a position for your child as waiting lists may apply at each centre. To make it a fair system, we abide by the “Priority of Access Guidelines” set by the Australian Government. Once your enrolment form is processed, one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you to confirm your child’s position. A one-off (and non-refundable) enrolment fee of $50 per family applies to secure your booking and cover administrative costs.

For new families, the enrolment form needs to be completed in full. Copies of Immunisation records or any other relevant forms need to be provided (eg. court orders, authority to administer medicine, medical action or management plans). For new vacation care enrolments, this enrolment form still needs to be completed in full, however, a separate booking form is required as this varies each term – please contact us for details.

What you’ll need before you start:

- Your child’s CRN number and the CRN of the parent who is registered to claim CCB/CCR entitlements (only required if you are claiming CCB and/or CCR)

- Medicare Number and Private Health Insurance Policy details

- Medical / Health requirements

- Court orders / custody arrangement information

- Emergency contact information


What to do to enrol:

  1. Print and complete the enrolment form by clicking on the appropriate location: LANE COVE  or   WENTWORTHVILLE
  2. Read the enrolment form in conjunction with our Parent Handbook.
  3. Review the document and ensure that all mandatory fields have been completed
  4. Return the enrolment form by email to supervisor@alphabeta.com.au
  5. Make sure to attach the required supporting documents including copies of:

- Child’s birth certificate

- Immunisation record

- Medical management/action plans/Court orders

- Intervention or inclusion support plans